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This is a known issue with top. As explained here, the 1st iteration of top -b returns the percentages since boot, we therefore need at least two iterations (-n 2) to get the current percentage. To speed things up, you can set the delay between iterations to 0.01. top splits CPU usage between user, system […]

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To see a directory’s quote linux command du 

Directory size you can type this command to linux du -sh [root@quote01 Quote]# du -sh * 514M 1012 332K 1018 4.0K 1019 3.3M Quote 1.2M Quote20140101 1.5M Quote20140101_02 1.2M Quote20140101_1 3.3M Quote20140102 3.3M Quote20140102_01 3.3M Quote20140102_02 2.9M Quote20140103 2.0M Quote20140104 1.6M Quote20140105 5.4M Quote20140106 7.0M Quote20140107 etc du -sk. ** [!]. | sort-n -> in […]

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Remove the suffix from file name with a command unix

If you have a lot of file with same suffix for example “.working” , and you want remove this suffix from all file you can do it writting this on the unix shell Example we have this : file1.working file2.txt.working etc ….   /usr/bin/find /srv/ftp/prod1/PEC_testcons/ -type f -name “*.working” -exec bash -c ‘mv $0 ${0/.working/}’ {} \; […]

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